“I don’t feel that it is necessary to know exactly what I am. The main interest in life and work is to become someone else that you were not in the beginning.”
― Michel Foucault

that guy

what happened to that guy. he used to be in touch, but not anymore. nobody knows.

let’s listen to calm, happy music.

I’m looking forward to wearing long sleeve shirts again.

the problem is, when I get bored at work, I like to study programming even though I’m fairly sure I’m a mediocre coder.

man, that music got real loud real fast.



daytime thoughts #7

this music is like glass. or a stream of water let loose from a hose.

the bassline provides consistent punctuation.


I’ve been trying to eat cleanly today. Let this be a reminder that I feel better when I eat better, cleaner food. No heartburn, no pressure, no taste of vomit at the back of the throat.

I have only drunk tea today, no coffee. To humanity’s great surprise, although I have fought boredom this afternoon, my head has remained upright and I have not banged it against the desk.

I had a yogurt smoothie with the following this morning: blueberries, pecans, maple syrup (a small amount), chia seeds, whole milk yogurt and almond milk.

For lunch, I have leftover chicken over salad.

I also drank a large “multi-green” kombucha with spirulina, chlorella and blue green algae.

No junk food, no sugar, no cookies, etc.

I am trying to re-inform my body of what it means to feel full vs. overfull and therefore sick. So far, it is working well.